Customer Seminar Highlights Machinery of Growth for Italy, Malaysia, Turkey ( Nov. 17. 2017 )

Bringing together representatives with different machining needs from three very different economies under one roof might be a challenge for some metalworking companies, but for TaeguTec, it’s another day at the office.

Recently, TaeguTec welcomed industrial professionals and decision makers in the manufacturing sectors of Italy, Malaysia and Turkey in order to showcase the companies technologically advanced cutting tools.

Italy is the second largest manufacturer in Europe with extraordinary know-how in strategic sectors. In recent years, there has been growing interest in advanced manufacturing, also known as “Industria 4.0” in Italian, yet the average age of machine tools installed in Italian machinery and metalworking companies is about 13 years

“We have increased our connectivity of these machines by incorporating more sensors and also having TaeguTec engineers work with us, we have been able to optimize our metal removing work and increased our productivity,” said an owner of a large manufacturing firm in the "Industrial Triangle" of Northwest Italy.

“This is good for us because now we are able to move forward and order more advanced machines; TaeguTec is involved in the new tooling requirements and we are very pleased with our future potential,” he added.

“We are using TaeguTec’s Typhoon line for our older machines,” said an Italian auto parts manufacturer who is in the exact same situation.

TaeguTec’s Typhoon line transforms limited RPM machines into speedy workhorses at a fraction of the cost. The revolutionary high-speed jet spindle was developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines and is designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications.

“With our newest machines, we use the T-Burst line for our parting and grooving applications and we are extremely happy with its output,” he added.

T-Burst supplies high-pressure coolant in order to generate good chip breaking, reduced cycle times and increased tool life on difficult-to-cut materials.

“The T-Burst is very productive and is now creating for us superior parts at a lower cost when working with exotic materials,” he added.

The Malaysian manufacturing landscape is diverse and has played a vital role in the economic transformation of this Asian tiger. Besides being a leading exporter of electronic devices and components, Malaysia also has a significant car manufacturing industry, complete with state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly plants.

Along with these industries, medical devices and aerospace have been identified as segments with potential for substantial levels of growth in Malaysia.

“We started off with the TopMicro Kit which gave us insight into the tool and its performance,” said a Malaysian electronics manufacturer that produces miniature parts. “Since then we expanded our uses and found it perfect for our grooving, boring and face grooving applications.”

TopMicro is ideal for internal machining for up to 0.6 millimeter, is coated with TiAIN for extended tool life and has an internal coolant channel through the body directly to the cutting edge, which promotes better chip evacuation.

Turkey has shown robust macroeconomic growth in recent years and is expected to show continuous growth.

It is among the world's leading producers of motor vehicles, ships and other transportation equipment; construction materials; consumer electronics and home appliances … among other goods.

“Our company recently switched to the AlexMill for our solid carbide end mills, what we liked about it is we can use it on various small depth-of-cut applications,” said a Turkish manufacturer.

The ApexMill’s two and four flute flat end mills are offered in various lengths to cover a wide range of roughing and finishing application on various materials such as alloy, carbon, cast iron, tool, stainless, hardened and pre-hardened steels and comes with optimized grades such as the TT5525 grade for flat types and the TT5515 grade for ball nose types.

Another Turkish manufacturer that works with titanium and alloy steel was pleased with the results of the Chase2Feed BLMP 13 line

Due to its unique characteristics, the BLMP 13 milling line is specifically designed for heavy, die and mold, power generation and general industries milling applications.

“For our titanium machining we use the TT9540 grade which has drastically increased our overall productivity, we now do not need to change the insert as often as before,” he said. “As for our alloy steel machining, we use the BLMP 13 with the TT9080 grade, an excellent choice and something we have been using for awhile now.”

During the two-day customer seminar, the 40-plus visitors took part in informative seminars with TaeguTec product managers, attended live machining demonstrations on a slew of materials, and had a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of Korea.