China’s Changing Climate Clamps Down for Change ( Oct. 27. 2017 )

China’s manufacturing sector is changing and with this evolution comes new opportunities for demand and growth in the country’s increasingly multifaceted economy.

TaeguTec recently held a customer seminar to assist Chinese manufacturing companies in different sectors such as automotive, power generation, mold and die and aerospace, and general machining.

The demands were varied with some companies operating older machines and others working with the newest technology.

“We are still a young company with only a few older machines, I was happy to see TaeguTec’s line called Typhoon, it will help us increase our output without having to invest in getting more powerful machines,” said a general machining factory owner from China.

TaeguTec’s Typhoon line uses the power of Mother Nature in order to transform limited RPM machines into speedy F-1 style workhorses at a fraction of the cost.

The revolutionary high-speed jet spindle was developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines and is designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications.

The system works by utilizing the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high-pressure pump as an energy source, to rotate a built-in turbine at speeds of up to 40,000 RPMs.

The Typhoon does not replace the existing machine’s spindle, hence saving the manufacturer thousands of dollars in upgrades or replacement. Instead, it improves the existing low RPM spindle machine’s performance, surface finish and tool life capabilities and increases productivity.

“Our need is different,” said another parts manufacturer. “We produce many parts for our growing market and because of the competition, we have to produce them as low a cost as possible. This means we cannot suffer from bottlenecks; that’s why we are really impressed with the Mill2Rush mini line.”

Because of its huge popularity and recent developments in casting and forging technologies, TaeguTec’s Mill2Rush line comes in an economical, pressed type 6-corner positive mini insert for 90 degrees machining (6NKU 04) which is optimally suited for low depths-of-cut conditions.

The cutter is designed with a rigid clamping system and a higher number of teeth to accommodate the smaller 6NKU 04 insert.

On the opposite end of the size spectrum is the Chase2Feed BLMP 13 insert and cutters which are made to tackle machining applications of up to 2 millimeters in milling depth during high-feed conditions.

The insert’s unique characteristics are specifically designed for heavy, die and mold, power generation and general industries milling applications.

Several characteristics of the BLMP 13 make it a perfect choice; first of all, its reinforced unique design and high rake angle offers better anti-breakage capabilities. Next, its reduced cutting load and excellent chip evacuation make it a go to tool.

For grooving applications, TaeguTec showcased the highly popular and attractive QuadRush.

“QuadRush has been doing a great job for us and now we need something that creates wider grooves so I was happy to see during the demonstrations the 8 mm tool,” said a machine shop manager.

The QuadRush TQS offers a widened width of up to 8.2 mm, comes with a flat geometry and is made available in both special and profile formats.

All TQS inserts are available in two grades. One is the cost cutting multipurpose PVD coated grade TT9080, and the other is the perfect choice for extending tool life during high speed grooving operations on carbon and alloyed steels, the excellent cermet grade CT3000.

For customers using difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, Inconel and other heat resistant alloys, one of the tools TaeguTec showcased was the T-Burst high-pressure coolant tool for groove-turning and parting.

In parting and grooving applications, supplying high-pressure coolant generates good chip breaking, reduced cycle times and increased tool life on most materials but on difficult-to-cut materials, the rules change because it becomes harder to ensure effective chip breaking specifically with a standard external coolant in low feed rate operations.

The T-Burst line fixes those challenges and helps machinists excel in creating superior highly productive parts at a lower cost when working with exotic materials under low feed rate conditions.

“China as a whole is moving forward and wants to remain competitive despite fewer workers, government regulations and increased costs of labor. Now many companies in China are producing higher value goods. This means we need the right tools to help us transition from low-cost to high-value manufacturing,” said one auto parts manufacturer.

“But the tools are not the only thing, we also need a cutting tool supplier that can work with us to continue on this road, and this is what I have discovered with TaeguTec, they helped us remove bottlenecks and increased our productivity by working with us and introduced the tools that can do the job properly,” he added.

For the almost 30 manufacturing leaders from China, they found the live demonstrations of the different tools on the materials they use very helpful in forming a decision for their future metal removing operations.

The two-day customer seminar included meetings and information session with TaeguTec product managers as well as live demonstrations on a slew of different materials.