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Mar.2014 :Established TaeguTec Taiwan in Kaohsiung
May2013 :Berkshire Hathaway acquired the remaining 20 percent of the IMC Group to become sole owner
Jan.2013 :2012 Excellent Enterprises in Job Creation(MOEL) by the Korean government
Jan.2013 :TaeguTec Recognized for Wellbeing of Workers by the Korean government
Dec.2012 :TaeguTec received “$300 million Export Tower” by the Korean government
May 2012 :TaeguTec acquired the internationally recognized AEO certification from the World Customs
Apr.2012 :TaeguTec Plant 2 Inauguration
Nov.2011 :The Silver Tower Industry Medal of Honor awarded to IMC president Mr. Jacob Harpaz by the Korean
Nov.2010 :Established TaeguTec Argentina in Buenos Aires
Oct.2010 :TaeguTec granted the Company-Specific Approved Exporter
Nov.2009 :Established TaeguTec Hungary in Torokbalint
Jul.2009 :Established TaeguTec Czech in Plzen
Dec.2008 :TaeguTec awarded the “$200 million Export Tower” by the Korean government
Jun.2008 :Established TaeguTec South Africa in Johannesburg
Apr.2008 :Established TaeguTec Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk
Apr.2008 :Established TaeguTec Russia in Moscow
Feb.2007 :Established TaeguTec Romania in Bucharest
Dec.2007 :TaeguTec receives the ISO 9001 (DNV) certification for its quality management system
Dec.2007 :TaeguTec recognized as a AS 9100 company for it quality management system in the aerospace
Nov.2007 :Established TaeguTec Poland in Wroclaw
Jul.2007 :Established TaeguTec Indonesia in Bekasi
Feb.2007 :Established TaeguTec Spain in Barcelona
Nov.2006 :TaeguTec received the OHSAS 18001(KTL) health and safety management certificate
Nov.2006 :TaeguTec achieved the ISO 14001 (KTL) for its environmental management system
May2006 :Berkshire Hathaway, chaired by Warren Buffett, purchased an 80 percent stake in the IMC Group
Apr.2006 :Established TaeguTec Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur
Apr.2006 :Established TaeguTec Thailand in Bangkok
Mar.2006 :Established TaeguTec Slovakia in ZILINA
Dec.2005 :TaeguTec received the “$100 million Export Tower” award by Korean government
Jul.2005 :Established TaeguTec Turkey in Istanbul
Jun.2005 :Established TaeguTec Australia in Sydney
Jun.2004 :Constructed a new Tech Center and Carbide Rod factory
Jun.2004 :Established TaeguTec Japan in Nagoya
Jun.2002 :Established TaeguTec Italy in Turin & Milan
Mar.2001 :Established TaeguTec Brazil in Sao Paulo
Dec.2000 :Established TaeguTec China in Shanghai
Jul.2000 :Constructed a new R&D Center
Mar.2000 :Opened the TaeguTec cutting tools factory in India
Mar.2000 :Established TaeguTec U.K in Leeds
Apr.1999 :Established TaeguTec Scandinavia in Copenhagen, Denmark
Apr.1999 :Established TaeguTec Germany(The present INGERSOLL GMBH - HAIGER)
Apr.1999 :Established TaeguTec United States of America(The present INGERSOLL USA - ROCKFORD)
Apr.1999 :Constructed new Marketing Center in Daegu
Feb.1999 :Headquarters moved to Daegu from Seoul
Aug.1998 :The company name changed from Korea Tungsten Co. Ltd to TaeguTec Ltd.
Aug.1998 :“Korea Tungsten Co. Ltd” was bought out by ISCAR
May 1995 :The company established the “Tungsten Wire” plant in China
Mar.1994 :Privatized and taken over by Keo-Pyung Group in Korea
Feb.1994 :“Sang-Dong Tungsten” mine closed
Mar.1991 :Constructed Ceramic plant
Nov.1989 :Constructed Tungsten Wire plant
Nov.1988 :Constructed Carbide Roll plant
Oct.1985 :Developed CERMET Inserts
Jul.1985 :Common R&D cooperation between Korea Tungsten Co. Ltd. and POSCO
May1983 :The “Rotterdam” Branch office in the Netherlands moved to Germany
Jan.1981 :Developed Special Coating Substrate
Dec.1979:Constructed Tool holder plant
Oct.1978:Constructed Coating plant (CVD-TiN production)
Nov.1977:Constructed Cemented carbide plant Products: Blank, Carbide insert, Mining tools, Brazed tools
Nov.1976:Established “Rotterdam” Branch office
Feb.1974:Constructed Tungsten Metal Powder and Tungsten Carbide Powder plant
Nov.1972:Constructed of APT (Ammonium Para Tungstate) plant
Nov.1969 :Won official commendation from government for export
Nov.1968 :Won official commendation from government for export
Feb.1968 :Company Invested in POSCO(Government 75%, Korea Tungsten Co. Ltd 25%)
Nov.1967 :Won official commendation from Korean government for export
(Ranked third among Korean Companies)
Nov.1966 :Won official commendation from Korean government for export
(Ranked second among Korean Companies)
Feb.1963 :Established “Tokyo” Branch office
Nov.1961 :Established “London” Branch office
Sep.1961:Established “R&D center“
Jun.1961:Established “New York” Branch office
May 1959 : Constructed Chemical processing plant
Sep. 1952 : "Korea Tungsten Co Ltd" (State Enterprise) was established
Exporting: US$16,457,000 (56% of National Total)
Employing: 4,287
Feb. 1947 : Exported "Scheelite" to the U.S.A for the first time
Feb. 1936 : "SOLIM Mining Co. Ltd" was established
Apr. 1916 : Outcrop of "Sang-Dong mine" discovered in Gangwon Do, South Korea